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Jack Carpenter - Into the Unknown

Agnetha and Jack had done their homework. Finished their research. Danny was on board. Jack’s best mate and most trusted soldier back in the day. Their journey will begin tomorrow morning. Early. A flight to Warsaw with a stopover halfway then an LAL puddle jumper to Vilnius. 32 hours in the air and they had to hit the ground running. No time for jet lag. No time to catch up on sleeping off the time zone paradox.

Their arsenal would be ready and waiting for them. Their minds were ‘prepped’. Execution is all they had to get right. Easier said than done. Jack’s encounters would constitute ventures into the unknown.

Could he solve Agnetha’s life changing dilemma? Would he reconcile with his estranged mother, Eva? Would the local mafia allow all this? Only time will tell as our hero is tested every step of the way.

Instalment six sees Jack applying all of his military skills and life experience alongside the mysterious Agnetha and the formidable Danny. The history has been unfolded, disentangled, if you will, and now Jack has to use this as a means to an end.

Be on the look out for where this dizzying pursuit takes Jack, Danny and Agnetha.

Originally published 14th July 2017

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