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The Northern Grimoires - Icelandic magic


It would be sufficiently difficult if discovering the ancient cache was the only hurdle in completing Jack’s mission. But not one but two giant obstacles to navigate. The treasure… and a giant volcano dormant for centuries about to be deliberately awoken by human intervention.
That same act of terrorism that flattened the sleepy village hundreds of kms from Reykjavik. It was only the clues Jack gathered from this crime scene that enabled them to backfill the origins of the residue and what The Order’s intentions were in initiating an eruption from Mt Hekla, Iceland’s largest and most active volcano.
Agnetha’s research took her into territory she had hitherto been uncomfortable with… the occult, Icelandic magic and the northern grimoires. Only recreating a spell from the eleventh century and the poetry of Egil Skallagrimsson, Iceland’s greatest ever reciter of skaldic verse could Agnetha unravel the mystique behind Egil’s poetry and his spells of Grimoires that dominated his saga. Unbeknownst to Egil he had handed down his skills in Icelandic Magic five generations where a lonely descendant, Koðran, would use this for retribution against the gods, an evil intent, far removed from Egil’s persona of a worshipped poet and galdramadur, Icelandic wizard.
In a parallel to the present-day threat, Koðran, back in the eleventh century, had cast a Runemal, a spell, that would bring Hekla to life, exhaling a fiery mixture of lava and poisonous gases that would see thousands of lives lost.
Agnetha’s dual-edged sword of deciphering the sagas and her replication of Koðrán’s spell enabled Jack and the team to transpose into a modern-day solution, the outcome of which would be crucial to not only Iceland’s survival but the return to safety of Unn and her glorious twins.
But the Order and their newfound cybercriminal friend would not knuckle under easily and the chase was on to get to the cache before Jack’s team and ensure that their work was complete at Hekla, again before Jack’s crew neutralized the threat.
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The Twenty-five Runes of the Northern Grimoires 

Agnetha's Ancient Runemal - The Celtic Cross

The Rune Staves - Icelandic Magic 101

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