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Bryan McNally (J.B.E,) is an exciting author whose subject matter transcends mainstream and edge taking thrills.

Bryan has vast experience in all forms of writing in his roles within industry and has now taken these skills along with his active imagination to produce a second in the Jack Carpenter series; the genesis of one of the most innovative sets of historical fiction action novels ever.

His extensive travel and research landed him with the concept for his latest offering, The Eriksson Bequest. In melding the full and varied history of Vikings conquests around the world, Bryan then focuses his intensity on Iceland and its many above and below ground landscapes. Jack’s second adventure thriller will provide readers of this genre with a continuing new avenue of escape.

The reader will be spellbound from page one and once finished will be impatient in awaiting the next in the series.

In addition to being author of the Jack Carpenter Novels, Bryan leads a Creative Writing Group at the Whittlesea U3A in Melbourne, Australia.
The Creative Writing Group has published their own anthology of poems, memoirs and short stories

Throwing Caution to the Wind - A Third Age Writers Perspective, edited by Bryan McNally and available at all good online book stores in ebook and paperback.

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