The Lutherans in Iceland


The final piece of the puzzle for Agnetha to interpret, the Lutheran Augsburg Confession, the bridge between Catholicism and Lutheranism. The driving force behind Iceland’s move away from paganism through to Catholicism and on to Lutheranism.
But Agnetha struggled to see the connection. Leif Magnusson (Sigur Ros’ birth name) had left this extra volume as a clue to what was happening in this web of intrigue.
Was he a part of all this?
Was he being coerced to go along with the Order and the mystery cybercriminal yet to be exposed?
Whatever the case may be Magnusson had left a clue only Agnetha could unravel to bring out the true identity of who was behind all of this.
The advent of the Lutherans in Iceland would show a sinister connection between twelve pagan apostles led by a priest with anti-christ tendencies with the present-day threat to this small boutique island.

Luther's Rose

7 things you might like to know about Martin Luther
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