This is the page I am dedicating to Jack's adventures. His books. We have one coming soon and I have started work on his second adventure with new love, Agnetha, and great mate, Danny. I will keep the blog section of the website up-to-date with Jack's new adventures so please check back from time to time.

The Vytautas Pursuit

Jack is Now Here!!

When Jack Carpenter questioned his reason for being, after four consecutive tours in Afghanistan, little did he realise that his soul searching would lead to an earth-shattering change in the course of Lithuanian history.

Be prepared for a dizzying pursuit through Roman times, medieval eastern Europe, to present day Lithuania as Jack strives to recover crown jewels lost for over half a millennium. The forces behind his chase and the evil that seeks to prevent it are complex and life changing.

Jack’s estranged mother, his hitherto unknown half-sister and his new love’s brother and sister, all held to ransom by the Lithuanian Mafia in exchange for the coronation regalia. The tangled web of deceit holding many twists and turns throughout the pursuit.

Only Jack, his best mate Danny and his new love, Lithuanian born Russian Federation Special Agent, Agnetha, can unravel the mystery of the jewels and free their loved ones.

The first in the Adventures of Jack Carpenter series proves to be a heart-thumping, adrenaline-fuelled chase throughout.


Finally Jack is ready in all formats. By clicking the buttons below you can check his adventures out via ebook at Amazon for Kindle, and for thier readers and Smashwords for other formats. The paperback is also ready at Amazon. For Apple ibooks you can download via the Apple Store. happy Reading!!

Jack has finally received a boost. The paperback is now available for free delivery through book depository. Just click on the button at left


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