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The Final Pursuit

Into the Unknown

The return to Lithuania would hold a reunion with Eva, concealing a number of life-changing secrets that would leave Jack with bittersweet feelings about the rendezvous. Add to this, hitherto unknown to Jack, fighting to the death in resolving Agnetha's (and Jack's) heart rending predicaments, would leave Jack still questioning Agnetha's true motives and even her identity.

Much to Agnetha's chagrin, Jack had called upon his long time mate and comms. specialist in Afghanistan, Danny, to supplement their somewhat modest team of two. After all, once Agnetha had forewarned Jack of the perilous nature of their mission he didnt hesitate to emphasise how critical Danny would be to its success.

Our three musketeers flew out from Melbourne International Airport on two separate flights. The only way to land on the front foot and hit the ground running.

And that they did. Only to be followed all the way . Sixteen Thousand Kilometres! By two goons, members of a boutique clique of the Order of the Teutonic Knights, thought to have dissolved hundreds of years ago, but desperate to restore their caste to its original glory.

All the while, in the background, some even more mysterious figures loitered. Casting long shadows over Jack and Agnetha's quest. Figures that formed part of the most dangerous cadre in eastern Europe, with an extra special guest for Jack in their midst.

The Priceless Pursuit

The race to find the lost, but not forgotten, jewels was on in earnest. Their was no doubt that Jack, Agnetha and Danny had the skills and initiative needed to pull this off. But with these two vicious and corrupt factions hot on their heels they would prove major stumbling blocks to them in achieving their objectives.

What was worse was that the cadre lurking in the background were using Jack and Agnetha to make the find so precious lives could be saved. Lives that meant so much to them.

When Jack walked into that library on a sunny early autumn morning not forty-eight hours prior, he couldn't conceive what lay ahead. He thought now, a simple family history exercise, what could go wrong? Guess again Jack, guess again!

Operating out of a safehouse in Vilnius, ironically provided by the very group orchestrating their demise, Agnetha, with her skills and post-graduate qualifications, led Jack and Danny though a maze of medieval ruins and history to setup the hunt. A hunt that would reveal the cache lost for hundreds of years.

The ghosts of Algirdas, Kestutis and Vytautas would all come to life. Spectres shining a light to pave the way to the jewels. Jack was relying on Agnetha more than he'd relied on anyone before. The dependence would grow far reaching as their mission unfolded.

BUT..... this is not the end of the story but the beginning!

Would Jack and Agnetha be able to realise the true value of the precious hoard they now had?

Would they be able to hold off such formidable bands of nemeses?

After all there was only three of them and stealth and cunning would only get you so far.

And who and how many was Jack trying to rescue?

Could this get any more complex?


Just how complex - you'll need to take that extra step beyond my website.

The book is meaty and in four parts. I hope you get to know and love Jack as I will be letting him loose again on more thrilling and life-changing adventures that will see him in some close to home locations and some far off ones. Any ideas on where you would like to see Jack next? Jack and I would welcome these, so please see the Connect with Jack and JBE menu at the top of the page and send an email with your thoughts.

In closing, the file on Jack's first adventure, please support me if you enjoyed these generous appetisers. If you purchase the book you will find the answers to all the questions throughout and will have helped an indie author progress the Adventures of Jack Carpenter.

Jack is now published and can be purchased at Amazon, Apple ibooks, Kobo and Smashwords. Please go back to the home page if you would like to order a copy via the links provided.

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