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The symphony was almost over. The crescendo awaited.
All the heroes and villains that remained alive descended upon Magnusson’s remote northwest Iceland headquarters. They would converge for the final showdown.
There were many surprises still awaiting the Order and indeed Jack. A new member of Ivan’s SVR team proves indispensable. An enemy who turned has now revealed her true colours and almost thwarts both sides. A three way contest gone wrong.
The Eriksson Bequest is meaty and in five parts. I hope you get to know and love Jack as I will be letting him loose again on more thrilling and life-changing adventures that will see him in some close to home locations and some far off ones. Any ideas on where you would like to see Jack next? Jack and I would welcome these, so please see the Connect with Jack and JBE menu at the top of the page and send an email with your thoughts.
​In closing, the file on Jack's second adventure, please support me if you enjoyed these generous appetisers. If you purchase the book you will find the answers to all the questions throughout and will have helped an indie author progress the Adventures of Jack Carpenter.
Jack is now published and can be purchased at Amazon, Apple ibooks, Kobo and Smashwords. Please go back to the home page if you would like to order a copy via the links provided.
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