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A Race Against Time

The race was on.
With the Order and the now unveiled cyber-criminal and his cohort deployed in three different directions… to the treasure… to Mt Hekla… and at their headquarters in Reykjavik in order to slow Jack’s team down…
With Jack, Agnetha, Danny and the SVR team, along with the Icelandic police and Interpol, again deployed in the same manner as the ‘bad guys’, a matrix of showdowns was assured.
Who would reach the treasure first?
Would Jack’s SVR allies foil the  Order’s attempt to invoke an eruption at Mt Hekla that would end in a disaster the likes of which Reykjavik had never experienced?
Would Unn and the twins be freed, and their lives spared?
Only time would tell, and they didn’t have much of that to play with as the clock counted down towards 7PM on the 22nd of November.
A series of breathtaking chases would tell the tale and all Jack could do was pray that his plans would win through.
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