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The Sagas of Iceland

It was a cold and bleak night as autumn was about to draw to a close. Enshrouding all of Iceland, and in particular Reykjavik, and even more so Keflavik International Airport in its wintry grip.
Jack and Agnetha clung to each other in their economy class seating, trying to comfort themselves as the Boeing 757 was played by the swirling winds and icy sleet. About to brave the descent and landing on to the black ice-ridden runway 10L they looked each other in the eyes as if it might be their last time together.
Why were they there, they asked themselves? Diverted from their idyllic tropical island honeymoon in the Indian Ocean, to find themselves thousands of kilometres to the west over the near-frozen depths of the North Atlantic.
I can tell you why they were there. There, in their one and a half star pension in downtown Reykjavik.
‘Jack, code red. Activate now, mate! Now!’ Danny’s accelerated heart rate was manifested by the higher than normal tone of his delivery in opening their, what was to be, one-sided and brief conversation.
Yes! This was to be the catalyst for their juxtaposed environment. Their hiatus to what would have been the crowning glory aftermath to their wedding vows. From chocolates to boiled lollies. From the Maldives to the icy barrenness of the Icelandic republic. All because of  Danny’s Code Red.
An encrypted message heralding their first ‘life and death’ assignment as JADE Private Investigators. Their first ‘drop everything’ assignment.
A baptism of fire at the hands of Sigur Ros, the most powerful oligarch in Iceland, Jack and Agnetha virtually kidnapped to test their allegiance to this mysterious benefactor.
Left alone for nearly two days in a ramshackle hut in the middle of nowhere, Jack and Agnetha were soon apprised of the dire situation that confronted them. A lost Viking treasure at the heart of the pending disaster. A village razed as a display of intent. A country held to ransom by the Order of the Teutonic Knights and their cohort. Unn, a twenty-first century matriarch and her twins held to ransom under threat of death.
Jack and Agnetha must solve the thousand-year-old puzzle that will lead them to the Viking cache. Agnetha the lynchpin in deciphering the legend of a young Viking girl, Auðr the deep-minded, fleeing from her warmongering father for uncharted waters. The Orkney and Faeroe Islands, then on to Iceland, a barren isle barely inhabited beyond the handful of Irish monks back in the day.
The Sagas of Iceland, one of the three Bibles of the Eras that will lead Agnetha through the maze of folklore to the final resting place of Auðr’s treasure, holds untold mysteries that propagate the many twists and turns in this mediaeval tale. Made all the more difficult in contemporising it to twenty-first-century Iceland and the technology needed to break the crime ring at the heart of this ‘Sword of Damocles’ hanging over Iceland.
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