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A Soft Landing Back Home - But Not so for Jack

Updated: Oct 12, 2018

After multiple stops and modes of transport Jack and Agnetha hit the ground running in Vilnius. Jack’s long-time SAS mate in Afghanistan, Danny, following on just a puddle jumper behind to watch their backs.

What we know is obvious. What Jack doesn’t know could render him to oblivion. Is Agnetha who and what she says she is? Will Jack realise his burning desire to reunite with Eva? Whilst Jack will move heaven and earth to see his mother, does Eva share the same eagerness?

The jewels still remain a mystery, Agnetha the key to unlocking their whereabouts. But will it be enough to save the only people Agnetha cares about? They will have to infiltrate the Mafija stronghold, a mansion fortress on the outskirts of town, just as Jack had done with the Talibs in Afghanistan so many times before. Their chief, Vensynsis has other ideas. Can the Three Musketeers possibly bring to bear this miracle?

The intrigue continues. Learn about an old enemy keen to access this medieval treasure. Are there only three musketeers, or has Agnetha something up her sleeve?

The story has evolved. The characters have arced, but the finale will tell all. Will it be a happy ending? Or will I kill my darlings?

Do Jack and Agnetha have a chance to understand each other or will they part company?Do Danny and Jack ride off into the sunset just as heroes do in Shane?

These are not rhetorical, they are whatifs, and only the reader can make up their own minds. Its been fun developing this adventure through time, but will I even get to pen another phase in this hero’s and heroine’s lives? You bet your a*!e I will!

Jack will be published March-April 2018. look for more blogs leading up to the date.

Originally published 2nd December 2017

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