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Jack Carpenter - A Hero for the Ages

An alter ego we would like to have. A Walter Mitty of the 21st Century if you will. Jack Carpenter,  one who was born to lead, could solve any problem and would fight to the death ……. Interest piqued? Please read on…….

Jack Carpenter wasn’t just your typical Aussie lad, normally weaned on Vegemite, meat pies and footy. Many of his childhood adventures happened many thousands of clicks away from home territory.

With the unique learning environments Jack enjoyed, so to came a disrupted family unit, a product of his father, Joseph, using Planet Earth like a chessboard.

You can follow his adventures through my blog as I complete the first in a series of books about Jack Carpenter The Human Superhero. I hope you will find the book(s) intriguing alongside the short, short stories I will write as I go along. A little novelty on a novel. Please excuse the play on words.

Be on the lookout for my next instalment.

Originally published 1 June 2017

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