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Finally, the Reaearch Ends and the Quest Begins!!

Jack and Agnetha, thrust together by fate one day at the library. Was it kismet after all, or had Agnetha had this planned all along? Only time will tell.

Ancient tomes meet state of the art computing. Two full days in the library and twenty-four intense hours sequestered closely together in an opulent but cosy apartment – some might say too closely.

Nonetheless, the tedious work was done. Now for the pursuit. Less tedium greater risk. It was almost time. Jack, dedicated to being reunited with his mother, Eva, and saving what was left of Agnetha’s family, was armed and dangerous.

The Vytautas Pursuit, historical fiction, is a chase through time to achieve the impossible. Reap vengeance on Agnetha’s blackmailers, preserve Lithuania’s treasures for the people, and last but by no means least, clear his mother’s name and become family again.

Somehow Jack knows this will be a far greater challenge than any of his missions as Captain Jack Carpenter – Australian Special Forces.

Originally published 7th July 2017

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