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Curious About Jack? - Part One Formative Years

Back where it all began! Jack Carpenter – mysterious guy. IQ around 180, Joined Mensa at 14 and 10th Dan karate black belter at 17. Highest awarded graduate at Australia’s Duntroon..Interest Piqued? Please read on…

Did You Know:

  • Jack’s father, Joseph, started his working life as a mailroom junior at Parliament House in Canberra before ruthlessly conniving his way up the Public Service Ladder. Ironically sending him into a megalomaniacal spin that would eventually rip the heart out of his family

  • Jack lived in twelve different countries from the age of three to fifteen. One per year. That would screw with anyone’s childhood. But not Jack’s

  • Seaside Nigeria was Jack’s most memorable port of call. He encountered and lost his one and only love here. Taken from him all of a sudden. Brutally. Prematurely. His reason for being after that – to stamp out hatred, cowardice and greed.

  • For his entire academic life, Jack was a straight A student, dux of the class, years younger than any of his classmates

Be on the lookout for snippets of his time in the military and his quests to right the wrongs of those who would prey on the weak.

Originally published 19th June 2017

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