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A Love Triangle for Jack

Poor Jack!! Unlucky in love might be the best way to describe our superhero. Jack had never been confident with the fairer sex. But as we know, his first love as a teenager was cruelly taken from him in Nigeria.

Well! It took another fifteen years before Agnetha came into his life and under very mysterious circumstances. Now, I don’t wish to include any spoilers for when Jack eventually rears his head to the general public, but suffice it to say, Agnetha (and her ancestors) will play a pivotal part in framing our protagonists future (and past).

Including adventures through every body of water imaginable between  Ancient Rome and what is now known as Russia, a chase through the middle ages for the forgotten treasures of the land that time forgot and, seven-hundred years on, the same chase and flight from the most dangerous adversaries imaginable.

So Agnetha, Jack and the third member of the triangle, Danny, Jack’s closest friend and confidante, will complete this pursuit through time. A pursuit that must succeed for Agnetha’s life to return to normal. But is that the only reason? Is there something more sinister and complex associated with Agnetha’s plea for help?

Only time will tell in this time travelling tale.

Originally published 28th June 2017

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